Welcome to HeartOne

HeartOne is the CSANZ Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program for cardiologists and those working in the field of cardiology including researchers, scientists, cardiovascular nurses & allied health professionals.

Supporting quality and safety in the practice of cardiology
The CSANZ has a long history of supporting education, excellence in clinical practice, quality improvement and innovation and research in cardiology in Australia and New Zealand.

For over 50 years the CSANZ has provided continuing medical education through the Annual Scientific Meeting, as well as through publication of the journal Heart Lung and Circulation and more recently web-based videos and publications.

The CSANZ now seeks to provide members with an increased range of continuing medical education opportunities including improved integration of material, expanded content variety, linkage to formal training modules, opportunity for self assessment and expedited access to latest clinical and basic research findings.

In recognition of the wide range of members' interests, the CPD program will include targeting of material towards individual member needs. Importantly, the CPD program will be designed meet the individual requirements of the regulatory authorities for registration of health care practitioners in both Australian and New Zealand environments, including ease of reporting of educational activities by members.

The goal of the CPD program is to provide high quality educational support for the ongoing personal and professional development of Cardiologists and other professionals involved in patient care and research in cardiology in Australia and New Zealand. This activity is recognised as being central to continued quality improvement and safety in patient care.

The program will provide accountability in line with regulatory requirements and will be subject to audit.

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