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HeartOne relies on active member participation to grow and thrive so please get in touch if you have material you would like to contribute.

We are focussing on the Online CPD Modules so case studies & clinical problems, along with a few self-assessment questions, are ideal.

Any other types of resources you feel may be of interest to your fellow members can be added to the Resource Library.

Feedback, corrections and any constructive input are always welcome.

How to Contribute

General comments, feedback & corrections
Please email:

Case studies, clinical problems & other learning material for Online CPD Modules

Online modules are presented as a series of slides, similar to a PowerPoint. An individual slide is designated as either an information slide, or a question slide. Both types may contain text, images, video and reference links. A question slide also includes a single, multiple-choice question with at least one correct option. An optional explanatory note can be displayed for each of the multiple choice options.

Here is an example slide plan which demonstrates this format.

If you haven’t accessed an online module, please take a look at Quadricuspid Aortic Valve (Prof. Richmond Jeremy) to get a feel for the format. Note, you will need to log in to HeartOne.

Powerpoint files are an ideal format for supplying content. Otherwise, any digital format for text, and any common web format for images, video and audio can be accepted.

If you have any questions please get in touch:

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