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The role of levosimendan in acute heart failure complicating acute coronary syndrome: A review and expert consensus opinion

Acute heart failure and/or cardiogenic shock are frequently triggered by ischemic coronary events. Yet, there is a paucity of randomized data on the management of patients with heart failure complicating acute coronary syndrome, as acute coronary syndrome and cardiogenic shock have frequently been defined as exclusion criteria in trials and registries. As a consequence, guideline recommendations are mostly driven by observational studies, even though these patients have a particularly poor prognosis compared to heart failure patients without signs of coronary artery disease.

Markku S. Nieminen, Michael Buerke, Alain Cohen-Solál, Susana Costa, István Édes, Alexey Erlikh, Fatima Franco, Charles Gibson, Vojka Gorjup, Fabio Guarracino, Finn Gustafsson, Veli-Pekka Harjola, Trygve Husebye, Kristjan Karason, Igor Katsytadze, Sundeep Kaul, Matti Kivikko, Giancarlo Marenzi, Josep Masip, Simon Matskeplishvili, Alexandre Mebazaa, Jacob E. Møller, Jadwiga Nessler, Bohdan Nessler, Argyrios Ntalianis, Fabrizio Oliva, Emel Pichler-Cetin, Pentti Põder, Alejandro Recio-Mayoral, Steffen Rex, Richard Rokyta, Ruth H. Strasser, Endre Zima and Piero Pollesello
International Journal of Cardiology, 2016-09-01, Volume 218, Pages 150-157, Copyright © 2016 The Authors

Acute Coronary Syndrome Research Review – AU, Issue 19

Courtesy Research Review –
In this issue:
– Reconsider intracoronary adenosine during reperfusion?
– Previous revascularisation and in-hospital outcomes in AMI cohort
– An ideal level of platelet P2Y12-receptor inhibition in PCI?
– Long-term outcomes for Takotsubo cardiomyopathy
– 2015 ACC/AHA/SCAI focused update on primary PCI in STEMI
– The Clinical Care Standards in ACS
– Weekend vs weekday admissions in ACS: mortality rates differ
– Early invasive ACS strategy best in the very elderly
– CCTA vs hs-troponins for suspected ACS
– Increasing in-hospital mortality in CS-AMI patients

PCI for ACS: difficult subsets

ANZET15 – Melbourne, 11-13 August 2015
9th Annual Australia & New Zealand Endovascular Therapies Meeting
Speaker: William van Gaal, VIC
Duration: 14 minutes

Multivessel PCI in ACS

ANZET15 – Melbourne, 11-13 August 2015
9th Annual Australia & New Zealand Endovascular Therapies Meeting
Speaker: Adrian Banning, UK
Duration: 12 minutes

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