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ECHO and MRI Read with the Experts 1

2015 Port Douglas Heart Meeting & Expo
Speakers: Rick Nishimura, Charles Bruce, Darryl Burstow, Tony Forshaw, Raj Puranik, Carole Warnes, David Scicluna, Helen Thomson
Duration: 56 minutes

3D echo mitral valve reconstruction – validity of a novel software application

3D echocardiographic reconstruction of the mitral valve may optimise mitral surgery planning and potentially identifies patient-valve mismatch. The aim of this pilot study was to validate a novel 3D echo mitral reconstruction software allowing measurements of mitral structures by subsequent comparison to implanted prosthetic mitral valves or annuloplasty rings.

M. Wolbinski, A. Morgan, P. Larsen, A. Sasse
Wellington Regional Hospital, Wellington
Heart, Lung and Circulation – Volume 23, Supplement 1, e1-e48
Abstract & full-text available.

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