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Implementation of a high sensitivity troponin assay reduces time spent in the emergency department by patients with a possible acute coronary syndrome

The cardiac troponin assay is widely used in Emergency Departments (EDs) to determine the likelihood that a patient’s symptoms represent an acute coronary syndrome (ACS). We introduced a high sensitivity troponin assay (hs-cTnT) in 2010 to replace an earlier assay and a new more rapid triage protocol contingent on the improved performance of the assay. We wished to determine if the introduction of the new protocol reduced time spent in the ED.

A. Early, R. Cooke, M. Nguyen, S. Mann
Heart, Lung and Circulation – Volume 23, Supplement 1, e1-e48
Abstract & full-text available.

4F angiography is associated with less contrast usage, shorter procedure time and earlier discharge with preserved diagnostic utility – a comparison with 5F angiography

Previous studies have suggested a 4F femoral system (4FS) for diagnostic angiography is associated with fewer local access complications and a speedier recovery compared to 6F, with preserved diagnostic utility. However, whether these findings persist in relation to 5F femoral system (5FS) has not been evaluated.

S. Prabhu, M. Freilich, N. Lonergan, M. Nguyen, N. Fishlock, C. Wimalagunasekera, N. Muir, D. Saleh, M. Arrowsmith, J. Layland

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